Add a touch of magic to your child’s bedroom with a decorative star panel featuring

Lila & Mika dreaming their captivating magic dreams of adventure.

A touch of the hand is all that is needed to transform the panel into a beautiful

starry night as evening falls and bedtime arrives.

A soft twinkling of 16 stars on a large panel of 50cm x 50cm will capture

in the imagination of any child as they gaze at the night sky while safely tucked up

their warm bed.

With a choice of 5 night time and 5 daytime pictures, you are sure to find one

that your child will adore.

The star panels feature touch control for on/off and intensity. An automatic turn-off after 45 minutes ensures an average battery life excess of 3 months with one usage per night. Batteries included.

STARPANEL is a creation of : NanoProtect sprl. Brussels-Belgium.


Lila & Mika ©



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